Barclays Senior UX designer

Barclays Bank

Multiple projects both on personal and business sides of the bank. Providing discovery work, user flows, mockups, wireframes and other assets to ensure a great customer experience in complex scenarios.
Leading initiatives and quality in the wider design team such as setting up design processes and best practice,

Booking.com UX designer and Team lead


  • Accessibility team: A/B testing, coding and design to improve accessibility. Also organised ‘Empathy Day’ to help spread the word about accessibility to other designers/developers.
  • Employee experience team: User research, personas, storyboarding, journey mapping and requirements gathering for a brand new product which was then designed from scratch. This was agile, and we’re currently iterating on workflows and the UX based on user feedback, interview and surveys.
  • Team Lead: Ran a 6 person project team consisting of designers and developers of different levels. Motivating the team to meet the goals of the business through scientific UX work and clear measurements.
  • liveVideo - coming soon

    liveVideo from Manning Publications

    liveVideo is a brand new product for coders and techies to learn via video. I was the single designer on this product, designing all elements and doing all the UX work. Check out liveVideo on Manning's site. I also created the illustration found on the liveVideo pitch page.

    Redway routes app - app design and UX

    Redway routes app - app design and UX

    This app is the project that came out of the MK Hackathon event that I ran last year. The app gained further funding after the event from the Open University via the MK Smart project and is son to be available on the app store. For now you can view the Redway Routes designs on my Behance.

    Prototype of a FinTech app

    Prototype of a FinTech app for Silicon Markets.

    I produced a prototype (gif) for a FinTech app designed by Silicon Markets. The final solution will be displayed once the project is released but you can see my planning on my behance.

    Cranfield University User research and testing

    Cranfield University - User research and review

    Cranfield University just launched their new website, but before they did, they needed to test the stability and usability of the new designs.
    I designed and produced user experience testing documents, including participant handouts, forms and declarations. This also included testing scripts so that the university could carry out the user research themselves easily.
    I've also worked with Cranfield on a number of other microsites, set up and managed by Axel Segebrecht.

    IPCortex - Mobile app design

    IPCortex - Mobile app design

    I redesigned the current 'Keevio' interface and turned it in a mobile app. All UX and design work was done by myself and you can view the full project here.

    Weather app design

    Weather App Design

    I designed a simple Weather App for a Vue.js course that supports the learning in the course.
    View the full project here.

    Concept Clash of Clans apple watch app

    Concept work

    Apple Watch concept for Clash of clans

    Live Chat UI design

    IPCortex Live chat

    Complex user interface design

    User research and testing for integration test

    User testing at IPCortex

    User testing and feedback for a training session