Hi, I am Jessica Lovegood

User experience consultant in Milton Keynes.

I have 5+ years' professional experience in the digital and creative world in various industries.
Working in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas, I have designed and developed projects for universities, growing businesses and charities.
I believe that everyone can and should have an outstanding experience when using technology.

Product and user experience

I've designed multiple new products, apps and UIs and even done some prototyping. I've also written user research scripts and performed user testing.


I've made and designed lots of websites over the last 6 years, using user experience thinking to make great layouts and aesthetic visuals that help market to users.

Side projects

I am passionate about helping the world with my skills so I like to work on side projects that do this. I've ran a hackathon, mentored girls for coding and started projects.


I believe that the teaching of UX thinking could help change the world - this is why I do talks and workshops about applying UX to different fields.


My blog is located on Medium - I generally talk about ways to improve things, how user experience affects everything in our day-to-day lives and general UX items.

User woes

As part of my blog, I encourage people to submit their ordinary problems to me and I attempt to use UX thinking and processes to sort them out.

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